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Lesli R. Fitzpatrick found her calling when she went back to school to become a lawyer in 1997.  She loved the practice of law from the very beginning.  She began her career as an Assistant County Attorney (ACA) in the Ector County Attorney's office in Odessa, Texas.  She was picking her very first misdemeanor jury on September 11, 2001, a day that she will never forget.  As an ACA she tried over twenty cases sitting first chair.  Lesli left the County Attorney's office to open her own private practice and to run for County Attorney.  Lesli did not prevail in the 2004 primary but thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  In the Spring of 2005, the Ector County District Attorney's Office called and asked Lesli to return to prosecution as a special district attorney prosecutor.  For over a year, Lesli prosecuted sex crimes committed against children and adults.  Six months into this job, Lesli prosecuted a defendant for Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child and the jury gave him a life sentence.  This was one of the highlights of Lesli's legal career.  In the Spring of 2006, Lesli became one of seven candidates to be the first female District Attorney in the 102 year history of Ector County.  Lesli was not appointed to this office but again had a wonderful experience during the process.  Shortly after the new District Attorney took office, he relieved Lesli of her prosecutorial duties.  Interestingly enough, Lesli had her career path focussed on Austin, Texas, by this time.  And in the Fall of 2006, Lesli moved to Austin, Texas where she eventually went to work for the Texas General Land Office in the Administrative Law Section.  Lesli worked for this state agency until the Fall of 2010 when she was laid off due to the down turn in the State of Texas economy.  Lesli then went to work for the Texas Senate in January of 2011 for the 82nd Legislative Session.  Working in the State Capitol was a dream come true for Lesli.  In early June of 2011, she was laid off again.  At a legal conference shortly thereafter, she met a Judge from Williamson County that suggested that she open a private practice in Williamson County.  Lesli had moved to her husband's home in Williamson County in 2009.  She had resided and voted but in Williamson County but had never practiced law there.  So in August of 2011, Lesli opened her solo practice in Round Rock, Texas.